Whether it’s a compact ensuite or a walk-in wet room, a small bathroom can make those morning and evening bath and beauty routines a lot less luxurious, not to mention, less efficient.

But there’s no need to throw in the towel just yet. Forget hunting for a new home to give you the at-home spa experience you’ve always dreamed of. Instead, all you need are some strategic compact bathroom remodel ideas to transform and maximize your existing space. After all, bathroom remodeling ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no reason why your small bathroom can’t look as good and work as hard as more spacious bathrooms.

In need of some bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms? We got you! Keep reading to learn some great ways to modernize and enlarge your bathroom space.

Opt for Sliding Doors

If your bathroom door opens into the room instead of out, this can waste floor space while also limiting your bathroom layout possibilities. After all, no one wants a swinging door that collides with the sink or toilet whenever you enter the bathroom.

The easiest way to solve this issue is to install a sliding door. Since it slides into a wall cavity, this style of door saves a lot of floor space and allows for more freedom when deciding where to install your bathroom furniture.

Keep Things Light and Bright

A light, bright color palette will reflect the light and make your bathroom feel bigger. But going overboard with all-white everything can make your space feel cold and clinical.

A great compromise is to go for neutrals in warm shades as these are light but feel more natural and welcoming. Large bathroom floor tiles in beige are perfect for making the room look and feel lighter and larger. As for the walls, you could try on-trend zellige tiles in shades of cream and stone for an imperfectly perfect natural feel.

Go for a Frameless Shower

If you’re looking for small bathroom remodel ideas with shower cubicle inspiration, forgo the bulky shower tray and enclosure. Instead, you should stick to a frameless shower to reduce visual clutter.

As well as being one of the top bathroom remodeling trends, frameless showers create the impression of more space while adding a modern touch. And, as well as their elegant aesthetic and luxurious feel, frameless showers also make access and maintenance a lot easier.

Install a Floating Sink

Sink vanities might be great for storage but they can be too bulky for some small bathroom designs. Likewise, a traditional standing sink might not look as bulky but you lose a lot of floor and wall space to the stand.

As such, a floating sink is often the best option for ensuites and awkward-shaped bathrooms. Opting for a floating sink with an extended countertop surface can make up for the lack of storage and preparation space. And then, if you want to, you can use the space underneath the sink for a small trash can, scales, and other bathroom accessories.

Consider a Bath-Shower Combo

Many small bathroom remodel ideas with shower installations involve getting rid of the tub altogether. But often, a bath-shower combo can be the better option, especially for family homes.

If you only have one bathroom or your other bathroom is even smaller, keeping a small bath with an overhead shower makes bathing children a whole lot easier. What’s more, a bath and shower combo can sometimes be more space-efficient depending on the room layout. And, it means you can still enjoy the health benefits of a long soak in the tub!

Hang an Oversized Mirror

A large mirror hanging on the wall will add an open and airy feel to any bathroom. And, even if there’s little natural light entering the space, combining a wall-to-wall mirror with a soft and neutral color scheme will create the illusion of a larger room.

Going for a frameless mirror will add a more luxurious look to the room. As for the shape, round mirrors tend to feel softer and more natural while a rectangular mirror is modern and sharp. Don’t be afraid to experiment with positioning either. A mirror above the sink is useful for your morning and evening routines, but hanging a giant mirror over the tub offers an unexpected and contemporary feature.

Cut Corners

No, we don’t mean you should cut corners by carrying out these small bathroom remodel ideas yourselves. We’re talking about cutting the awkward corners in many small bathrooms.

All too often, these difficult nooks and crannies are dead space. But, by cutting across the corner with a triangular vanity sink unit or storage shelves, you can make good use of an awkward corner. As a bonus, the bumps and bruises you used to get from walking into the corner of the vanity will be a thing of the past!

Include a Shower Niche

Shower caddies are all well and good, but there’s something so luxurious about a tiled alcove in the shower, as seen in this stylish guest bathroom. Not only do these tiled-covered cubby holes look chic and well-considered, but they’re also handy for storing all your bath and shower potions and products within arm’s reach. Plus, shower niches won’t rust, rot, or get covered in soap slime like some shower caddies can.

Use Ladders and Ledges for Storage

If space is too limited for storage furniture or a bathroom vanity with drawers, ledges and shelves are serious space-savers for all your bathroom essentials. Place a floating shelf between the sink and mirror for a symmetrical display. Or, if you need room for bulkier items, install a few ledges on an empty wall above the toilet or behind a door.

Another of the top bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms is to lean a decorative storage ladder against the wall behind your toilet. This will be perfect for placing spare washcloths, towels, spare toilet paper, and other items.

Compact Bathroom Remodel Ideas

As these compact bathroom remodel ideas show, there are plenty of ways to give your small bathroom a luxurious and modern feel.

With a little imagination and some strategic planning, even the smallest bathrooms can become the shrine to self-care you’ve been longing for.

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