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If you want to get the expert tips as well as the best ideas and inspiration about home remodeling, please review our blog. Higgason Construction provides service to fine and luxury homes in Sammamish and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on delivering your vision to your project while showcasing our company values of craftsmanship, professionalism and communication.  Please visit our blog often as we will be adding more posts regularly.

Spectacular Outdoor Spaces : The Ultimate Guide

Spectacular Outdoor Spaces : The Ultimate Guide

In Washington, we spend a great deal of time, attention, and money perfecting the interiors of our homes. However, no matter how incredible the inside of our houses, we will not get the most from our properties unless we give some love to the outside as well. Luckily,...

Alfresco Essentials: 5 Ideas For Outdoor Eating Spaces

Remodelling Your Home Adds Two Types of Value

A home remodel can add two different types of value to your property. Perhaps, obvious is the monetary value that is added. That is, by changing and adding things in a quality manner, you can get a higher asking price when you go to sell. The second and less obvious...

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