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Things to know about Issaquah, WA

Home to around 37,487 people – according to a 2017 census – the city of Issaquah is located in King County, Washington. The area is perhaps most famous for the majestic Issaquah Alps, while its unique valley location also tends to draw interest from visitors to the region.

For many years following its initial incorporation in 1892, Issaquah functioned primarily as a mining town. Over time, the main industry transformed, with lumber usurping mining as mining deposits depleted towards the end of the 19th century – though lumber itself began to struggle during the Great Depression.

Over time, focuses changing, and both Microsoft, Boeing, and Costco established a presence in the city – though both would later move into the surrounding areas. However, many businesses have remained, with Siemens Medical Solutions, GoldSim Technology Group, Overtime Technologies, and many more continuing to flourish in the city.

Aside from its business-friendly credentials, Issaquah has also proved to be a popular choice for residents. The Washington State Office of Financial Management ranked the city sixth – from a total of 279 – for population growth in the early 21st century, while Forbes took a national focus – ranking Issaquah as the 89th fastest-growing suburb in the country.

Interestingly, the city now known as Issaquah was not always called Issaquah; it began life as the town of Gilman, before eventually adopting the name “Issaquah” from the old Indigenous name for the region – pointing to the natural splendor in the area, the name Issaquah is thought to mean “the sound of birds”.

Issaquah has also gained recognition for the variety of attractions and exhibitions the city is able to provide, particularly for those seeking to explore the natural world. The city is located close to Lake Sammamish State Park, while visitors can also explore the stunning trails of the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, Poo Poo Point Trailhead, or the spectacular Squak Mountain. Furthermore, the Cougar Mountain Zoo is a particular highlight in the area; while the zoo is small, it offers the opportunities to delight in the sight of rare birds and big cats, as well as a sculpture forest to explore. Furthermore, the annual two-day festival known as “Issaquah Salmon Days” continues to draw attention; featuring a parade, artisanal crafts, entertainment and sporting events, the festival draws large crowds to the city on the first full weekend of October each year.

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