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Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

We have a lot to offer homeowners who want to take advantage of their back yards and add some custom living spaces. Who doesn’t love to host people at an outdoor BBQ? We have outdoor kitchen ideas for you. At Higgason Construction, we can help you turn your backyard into a destination that all of your family and friends will want to visit. We think covered outdoor kitchens are the best investment in your homes exterior as well as livability that offer year around comfort for all seasons. Adding a built in grill makes this addition a second kitchen and adds year round usefulness.  Do you need more outdoor kitchen ideas? Contact Higgason Construction today at (425) 577-8512 to learn more about an outdoor kitchen installation and to schedule your an in-home consultation.

Calling it ‘good weather’ is usually pushing our luck. Let’s say ‘better weather’ is here. And what about the other 90% of the year it isn’t not raining? You will always be able to cook outdoors under these covered outdoor kitchens, even in total darkness. Spring rain? Christmas Dinner? We got you covered. Start your covered outdoor kitchen now, and enjoy it for the worst of the seasons ahead.

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When you feel like BBQ and it’s raining, you still have options.

A built in, or fixed outdoor BBQ, also called a grill island, has become popular during the past 20+ years. As anyone can tell you who owns one of these grilling islands, they offer a greater variety of customizations and increased quality over traditional portable grills. You can purchase your grill from anyone you like, and we find this flexibility is becoming more appreciated as our competitors are confining their customers to their own source vendors.

We have been building outdoor kitchens for over ten years. Nothing about our design is basic. We work with you to first identify your needs and budget with different outdoor kitchen ideas. We look at your home onsite to determine the best possible solution. This part is free. We are confident that you will then have what you need to decide that we are capable of building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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