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Things to know about Redmond, WA

Redmond is a city that is likely to be instantly recognizable to a variety of different people, depending on their personal areas of interest. For fans of tech and gaming, the fact that Redmond is home to Microsoft and Nintendo of America is sure to draw attention, while cyclists will undoubtedly recognize the city thanks to its most famous nickname: the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”.

However, Redmond’s history extends far beyond technological giants and an annual cycling race. The area was inhabited by Indigenous people for over 10,000 years, the evidence of which can be seen at the Marymoor Prehistoric Indian Site, as well as other locations around the city.

European settlers originally arrived in the 1870s, with continual development changing the area dramatically. After not one but two name changes – first to Salmonberg, thanks to the huge numbers of salmon in the surrounding rivers and streams, and then Melrose after a successful inn in the area – before finally deciding on the name “Redmond” in 1883. Full incorporation followed in 1912, when the population finally surpassed the 300 mark.

For many years, forestry was the primary industry in the area, though deforestation eventually resulted in a switch of focus to agriculture. However, the city truly began to flourish following the second World War; Redmond began to expand thanks to a range of annexations, and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge’s construction allowed Redmond to establish itself as a major suburb of Seattle.

Redmond once again proved its ability to adapt to circumstance throughout the 1980s and 1990s, with many technology companies choosing the city as their home. The town population has also risen significantly over the past three decades, with a 2017 census estimate now estimating the population of the city to be 64,291.

Residents of Redmond are well served by a variety of different amenities, including the only velodrome in the state, 47 different public parks, 59 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, as well as shopping opportunities at Redmond Town Center or the Redmond Saturday Market. In addition, the Redmond Derby Days is an annual highlight, featuring bike races, parades, attractions, a fireworks display, and much more besides.

For those visiting Redmond, there are plenty of wonderful attractions to explore and enjoy. Marymoor Park is the perfect choice for fans of outdoor pursuits, thanks to its climbing wall and wide, open spaces. Those interested in museums find themselves well provided for all; the Microsoft Visitor Center provides a wonderful insight into one of the world’s most successful companies, while fans of a beach day out are sure to enjoy spending time at the delightful Idylwood Beach Park.

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