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Deck and Patio Ideas

Everybody loves a highly customized built and seasoned deck. These decks have a classic traditional history as a centerpiece for the exterior Pacific Northwest homestead. Do you need help with deck and patio ideas?  Contact Higgason Construction today to schedule a free home consultation.

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Decks are something that are rarely done properly in our opinion. One of the most common issues we see when it comes to decks are a general lack of knowledge exhibited by the contractor who built the deck. At Higgason Construction, we have tons of custom deck and patio ideas for you to think about before starting your project.

In the Pacific Northwest, it rained 48 inches in 2016. There are very few US locations with the volume of rain right here in the Issaquah, Sammamish, and East King County regions.

This is a problem when homeowners in the competitive region are struggling to find qualified builders to design and build a deck. They frequently find themselves dealing with contractors who are not experienced or knowledgeable about the long term effects and repercussions of heavy sustained Pacific Northwest precipitation on natural softwoods.

FYI: Composite materials are not immune either!

Pacific Northwest Decks

Water has a behavior. We call it water dynamics. The biggest killer of a natural wood or any material deck is standing water. Inadequate runoff, insufficient taper, and failed scupping of natural wood decks will leave standing water to pool on your deck. When water is left on any surface long enough it will rust, rot, or ruin any deck material.

Your deck can last for decades if it is built properly and maintained properly. This doesn’t have to cost more than composites, but it will require a homeowner who cares and knows they have ownership duties. This is in fact a large part of why home buyers look for seasoned and maintained natural wood decks. It shows care and ongoing commitment was made to the property.