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WA Interior Designer specializing in Bathroom, Kitchen & Home Renovations

Creativity has always driven me, whether it’s fine art, designs, or pushing limitations to see how different something can be from what it’s expected to be. I believe few things have a single purpose, and enjoy experimenting and manipulating objects and ideals to see what all they can become. This has led me to an interest in transitions and the continuity between spaces both inside and out.

My designs are perceived as simple, but when closely examined, there is a strict attention to detail that I take pride in.

Some of the simplest creations are formed from intricately hidden details that when found, show a playful mind and limitless imagination.

This is how I approach most everything in life; asking why not, questioning stubbornness with my own, all with a sense of playfulness and an unstoppanle imagination driven by determination.

With a seeming natural intuitiveness, I am able to innovatively solve problems with an acquired ability to understand each piece of a whole. This allows me to dissect, play with and re-invent ordinary things in surprising ways. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Bellevue College and with two additional Associate Degrees in Business and Art, I have acquired a foundation that I build from. As design forever changes, I continue to grow with the industry and as an Interior Designer.

I approach life and design with an open mind and create the unexpected with humor, dedication, blindness to the “expected” and a little bit of harmless mischief along the way.

When you work with me, I’ll help you love your home again. We will create spaces allowing you to relax and let go of stress from the day.

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