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Things to know about Kirkland, WA

A census estimate in 2017 found that over 88,630 residents call the city of Kirkland home today; an impressive number given the city’s more modest beginnings.

The area now known as Kirkland was originally settled in the 1860s; within 20 years, full communities had been established, with farming, boat-building, and logging all popular in the area. Over time, the focus turned to mining, with British businessman Peter Kirk establishing a presence in area, leading to the formation of the Kirkland Land and Development Company. Further developments were swift, with both residential and business blocks soon under construction, and a construction of a steel mill completed in 1892 – though the mill would never actually produce any steel due to adverse economic conditions in the region.

Although Kirkland – as it would become known – had a difficult early beginning, it was eventually incorporated in 1905. Over the course of the next few decades, the main industries in the area tended to change, with wool milling and warship building proving to be particularly successful.

Over the course of the rest of the 21st century, Kirkland continued to grow, primarily due to consolidations and annexations. Neighborhoods such as Houghton, South Juanita, and South Hill were annexed, leading to a 76% population increase between 1980 and 1990. Annexations have since continued at pace, with the districts Finn Hill, Juanita, and Kingsgate adding 33,000 residents and seven square miles to Kirkland in June 2011.

In addition to its penchant for annexations, Kirkland is also recognizable as the home to business giants Costco, who were originally headquartered in the city. While Costco have since moved on – to the nearby city of of Issaquah, its origins in Kirkland remain with the store’s in-brand range; “Kirkland Signature”.  

Kirkland is well-known for the wealth of amenities the city is able to provide to both residents and visitors alike. The city’s downtown waterfront is a cultural hub in and of itself; numerous galleries and restaurants are situated in the area, along with collections of public art and a performing arts center. The city also benefits from the presence of Juanita Beach Park, for example, is a popular choice for those seeking swimming and water-based activities, while those who choose to frequent the Juanita Bay Park can experience the glorious natural habitat of songbirds. In addition, the Burke-Gilman Trail can enjoy a cycling and running experience that makes the most of the glorious landscape.

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