Most American homes have at least two restrooms in them. With practically every home having a minimum of one indoor restroom, it’s always important to know tricks to bathroom interior design.

A bathroom remodel is an expensive endeavor and far from a project that’s in everyone’s budget. What are some good small bathroom ideas on a budget?

If you’re curious about ways to improve your small bathroom, we’re here to help. Read on to learn some tips about how to improve your bathroom interior design without running your wallet dry. We’ll also look at some minor remodeling ideas that won’t cost too much.

Touch Up Paint

One of the first changes you should look into is to touch up the paint of your restroom. Fresh paint can make a restroom look cleaner, more sanitary, and more welcoming.

By contrast, aging or flaking paint can make your restroom appear dingy and unclean. Even if your restroom is spotless, dull or dingy paint will make it appear run down.

If you’ve had mold damage in your restroom, this is especially the case. Some types of mold or mildew can stain the paint. As a result, surfaces that don’t have mold can still appear moldy.

The best way to get rid of this effect is to touch up the paint where you can. The walls and ceiling are ideal places, as these are where people will notice the paint the most.

Many cabinets also have paint that you should consider recoating. However, not all materials will need paint. If you have a marble countertop, for example, painting it would hide the natural luster.

Minor Hardware Replacements

Another great way to spruce up your bathroom is to replace some of the hardware. While this may sound expensive, minor hardware replacements aren’t horribly costly.

One of the first places to look is your showerhead if the bathroom has a shower. Showerheads are available at most home retailers and can transform your shower from stock to luxurious.

Another excellent starting point is the bathroom curtain or curtain rod. These rods can rust or chip due to the humidity in a restroom. Hot showers keep them misty, corroding the metal.

The curtain also can become dingy over time. Like wall paint, mold or mildew on the curtain can stain the material. Investing in a new curtain and curtain rod is cheap but effective.

Improve or Change Lighting Fixtures

Have you found the lighting in your bathroom inadequate? If you’ve tried to shave in the mirror or do your makeup, you may find that your lighting isn’t up to your standards.

Poor lighting can make the room dim and moody. Studies show that bad lighting can cause physical effects such as fatigue and headaches.

Bad lighting also affects our mental health and mood. Anxiety symptoms are often heightened by dim rooms, for example. The same is true for dark or “cold” colors as paint for a room.

If you’re using fluorescent lighting, the flickering may affect your mood and eyesight. Instead, consider switching to bright white lamps or soft yellows. These colors are better for your eyes, keep the room brighter, and are more customizable than overhead fluorescent lighting.

New Accessories

What about ways to spruce up the place that doesn’t involve replacing or redoing anything? Accessories are the best way to make this improvement.

Accessories fall into things like rugs and decorations, such as paintings. A soft rug in front of your shower or toilet can feel downright luxurious when your bare feet touch it in the morning.

Welcoming paintings can add more personality and warmth to the room as well. Play around with your preferred aesthetic and see what fits as an effective bathroom interior design.

Add Flora

While you’re looking at accessories, consider adding some flora to your bathroom. Plants that are easy to care for, like succulents or some ferns, are perfect for the restroom.

Remember that most restrooms don’t get much light. Few restrooms have windows since these are a bit of an invasion of privacy. You may have a skylight, but the direct sunlight from these fixtures is rarely strong.

Use plants that require minimal water and little sunlight. That way, you don’t have to worry about your bathroom going from glam to gloomy when plants start wilting.

Minor Remodels

If your budget allows you to perform a slightly more intense redecoration, you should look at some minor remodeling. Part of what makes remodeling so expensive is that it often works on several areas at once.

By focusing on one factor, you can keep the cost down. Here are three places for a good minor remodel.


Dingy tile can contribute to the feeling of a glum, dirty restroom. Bathroom tiles are especially grody if the grout between them turns dark or gray.

Consider replacing the tile, especially if the grouting needs redoing. You can often find bathroom tiles that fit a more relaxed budget.


Another good place to start is by remodeling only the bathtub. Bathtubs can sometimes feel lackluster or like they need improvement. Replacing faucets, curtains, and the bathtub itself can help dramatically.

However, be aware that this may require some retiling as well. It isn’t mandatory, but knocking both out at once is a good plan.


Finally, replacing the toilet is a good way to breathe new life into the restroom. Using the toilet or bathing are two of the dominant reasons to visit your restroom.

Replacing the toilet can help make these visits more enjoyable. You also will have the chance to deep clean behind the toilet, helping to deliver a shinier atmosphere.

Mastering Small Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

Finding small bathroom ideas on a budget is sometimes as much fun as redecorating. Take stock of what in your restroom could use a minor makeover and plan according to your needs.

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