Although homes have grown on average since the 70’s, 45% of people still wish for more space. This wish is more of a necessity if you live in a small home. It’s far too easy to live in disorganized clutter when you don’t have enough space for even the basic things.

That’s why it’s beneficial to you and your family to learn how to add usable space during your next small house remodel.

To inspire you, we’ve put together this guide to classy storage ideas that’ll look stunning while also giving you that extra space you need. Keep reading to learn all about them!

1. Open Floor Plan

Sometimes the feeling of more space can be enough to calm the spirit. With an open floor plan, you eliminate all of the visual cues that tell your brain that you’re surrounded.

When possible, get rid of things doors and other obstructing elements. This allows your eye to sweep around the room and feel like it’s much bigger than before.

Plus, fewer doors lead to fewer blockages. You’ll never need to worry about bumping your head into an open cabinet door in your trendy new kitchen.

2. Wall-Mounted Lights

When you have a limited area to work with, you need to clear things off the floor as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is to skip the standing lights.

Mounting all of your lights on the wall makes use of empty vertical space without sacrificing good lighting.

3. Customized Cabinets

Many people focus on cabinets during a home renovation, so take the time to get the most storage from them. Filling a cabinet often leaves a lot of the upper area empty. Adding dividers and extra drawers inside a cabinet ensures there’s never any space going unused.

The key is to figure out the function of the cabinet before you customize it. A bathroom’s interior needs fewer large spaces than a kitchen, for instance. Figuring out your organizational plan beforehand makes the installation process a breeze.

4. Pull-Out Furniture

Turning a couch into a guest bed is old news. Why not have a shelf that turns into an organized desk? A drawer that holds a small washing machine?

The idea of pull-out furniture can make almost anything multi-functional. When you don’t have much space to work with, installing creative solutions is the way to go.

5. Nesting Tables

When you want to lower the amount of clutter in your home, focus on things with a multi-function feature. Nesting tables are a perfect choice for this. They’re quick to stack out of the way and are simple to drag out when you need them.

If you’re careful with measurements, you could even use nesting tables as impromptu storage. Instead of choosing tables that stack close to one another, go for bigger jumps in size.

Those gaps between the tables create an interesting aesthetic and you can fill the area with books, knickknacks, or other belongings.

6. Foldable Bed

Beds that fold into the wall have become far more elegant than the ones you might see in cartoons. They’re comfortable and easy to maneuver. They’re a sensible option if you find that you need more floor space during the day.

Children’s rooms benefit a lot from these kinds of beds. Without a bed in the way, kids have plenty of room to play with all of their toys. There’s no need to compromise for space if they want to have friends over for a big adventure.

7. Room Dividers

Do you have a small home that you wish was more clear-cut in room division? Are you tired of your kitchen feeling like it’s sitting in the middle of your living room?

Adding room dividers gives you peace of mind without stealing away too much space. Unlike a wall, these dividers are removable so you can adjust the shape and size of your ‘rooms’ as much as you want.

This gives you ultimate control over your home, while still preventing your rooms from becoming a singular entity.

8. Hanging Shelves

Vertical space is such a vital thing to utilize when you need to save space. Sometimes a small house needs more shelving than is possible to get with normal standing units. It’s even worse when there isn’t much wall space, either.

Shelves mounted from the ceiling are here to rescue this situation.

They allow more versatility to a room’s storage without stealing vital floor or wall space. For example, you could store study books on a hanging shelf above a desk instead of crowding your room with a bookcase.

9. Useable Nooks

Awkward nooks and crannies are notorious when it comes to smaller homes. They’re full of empty space but they’re often too awkward for furniture or large storage. So, what should you do with them?

Place keepsakes and mementos there to boost the design of your home. You could think of those small areas as disconnected bookshelves and store your books in a room’s nooks rather than all together on a single shelf. Perhaps turn a nook into a charging area for your devices to prevent cord clutter.

10. Hideaway Television

What’s better than a big crystal-clear television? A TV that doesn’t waste space when it’s not in use. Although your family might use the TV every night, there are plenty of hours when it’s turned off.

This is why a hideaway shelving unit is beneficial for small homes. Shelves that pull away to reveal the TV keep your living room from feeling too cluttered.

Plus, it’ll make for a fun talking point when you invite friends over. Almost like doing a magic trick, but instead, you all get to watch your favorite movie together in comfort.

Choosing a Trusted Small House Remodel Company

Even the most clever small house remodel plan needs a reputable company at its helm. By choosing a local renovation company that you can trust, you’ll ensure your remodel turns out exactly how you want it.

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