No space is more personal than the bathroom. Affordable luxury is all the craze for the new decade.

According to Remodeling magazine’s report, bathroom remodeling gives the most return on your investment. Whether you’re looking to add value before selling or doing home improvements for you and your family, it’s important to be up to date on bathroom remodel trends to keep up with what’s current.    

Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Trends 

Trends are always changing. We’ve put together some of the top bathroom remodel trends for the new decade.  

1. Open Shower

Today’s showers have come a long way. Showers used to be a showerhead inside of a bathtub. Open showers are becoming more popular and it has become a top choice in bathroom remodels. 

Open showers, whether completely open or with a glass barrier, make a small bathroom seem larger and add a modern touch. Open showers with no threshold are not only visually appealing but offer easier access and quick maintenance.  

Not only does this style offer some elegance to your bathroom but because of the growing trend, it should add some value to your home. 

2. Freestanding Tub

Who can resist a classic clawfoot tub? These tubs can give a bathroom a traditional or retro look. 

A freestanding tub makes a dramatic statement in any bathroom. These tubs come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes and should be a piece that ties your bathroom together. 

3. His and Her Vanity

No more fighting for counter space. When it comes to bathroom routines, more people are looking for individual privacy in a shared space. 

His and her master bathroom vanity allows for couples to have their own separate space for their morning or nightly routine. Not only does it allow more space but it also gives more functionality which is why it’s become a popular remodeling choice. 

4. Pops of Color

More people are choosing to stay away from the grayscale and instead add some splashes of color to their bathroom paired with neutral tones. 

A great way to add some quick color to your bathroom is with fixtures and accessories. A brightly colored rug and towels matched with colored ceramic, glass, or painted hardware.

Another great way to add color is to paint a wall or colored tile. A brightly colored wall paired with neutrals will make any bathroom stand out in 2020. 

5. High-Tech 

Smart home technology made numerous advances over the previous decade and has given the bathroom more utility and function than ever before.

Smart toilets were first made popular in Japan and come with a built-in bidet with the ability to adjust the spray shape, water pressure, water temperature, and more.

Smart showerheads can completely change your showering experience with LEDs that change color according to the water temperature and some are even equipped with speakers. 

The list of available bathroom gadgets keeps growing allowing us to automate almost every system.  

Update Your Bathroom With Affordable Luxury 

All the latest bathroom remodel trends give the bathroom more of a luxurious feel at an affordable price. These trends are a great way to add some value to your home. 

If you’re interested in more remodeling tips, be sure to check out our blog and contact Higgason Construction for assistance on a remodel, repair, or an addition to your home.  

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