Seattle’s suburban neighborhoods are on the rise, with Zillow naming Woodinville and Edmonds among the top five “most popular” housing markets in the United States for 2022. Homeowners looking to sell are seeing a 39% increase in median home sales.

These present a prime opportunity for homeowners, but only if their home is ready for the market. Keep a lookout for these eight signs that it’s time for a bathroom remodel project.

1. It’s Outdated

There was a time when people thought shag carpeting, dark wood paneling, and pea green tile belonged in the bathroom. These are all examples of building trends that people once loved. Now, they immediately make a bathroom look dingy and old.

If your bathroom is older, it probably has a design or features that are no longer in line with current trends. If you are ready for something new, a home remodel can give it a refresh.

You might not need to make significant structural or layout changes. Perhaps new tile, sink, toilet, fixtures, and flooring are all you need.

2. It Isn’t Functional

Home builders don’t always get it right. Now you are stuck living with a bathroom layout that doesn’t make sense. A bathroom that isn’t functional becomes a daily frustration that slowly builds into a strong hatred.

If you are fed up with poorly placed doors, a weird showerhead setup, or a toilet that feels cramped, it’s time for a bathroom renovation. This type of remodeling is best done after you live in the home for a while. You need to understand what works and what doesn’t.

It also gives you time to consider how to make things better. Working with a professional contractor can also help. Someone specializing in bathroom remodels can give you ideas you may not be aware of.

3. It Needs Major Repairs

If you are already tearing apart your bathroom to make major repairs, consider this an opportunity. You already need to spend money repairing the leaks, mold, or damage, so why not remodel? Depending on the extent of the repairs, the bathroom could be a blank slate for you to start over with.

4. You Want to Sell

Doing an entire home renovation probably isn’t necessary. However, strategic updating can make your home more competitive and valuable in a hot real estate market. In some cases, you can get 100% of your remodeling investment back from a bathroom update.

If you’re remodeling to sell, focus your project on what is most in demand. You aren’t remodeling for your tastes. You are remodeling for the next owner.

5. You Want to Go Green

If living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is important to you, you may want to renovate your bathroom to align with your values. Work with a contractor experienced with sustainable products and eco-friendly remodeling projects.

Replace water-wasting plumbing fixtures with low-use ones. Replace the toilet, showerhead, and sink faucet. Install a greywater system to reuse water in your irrigation system.

Use sustainable building materials for the flooring, wall coverings, and finishes. Use VOC-free paint. Replace old electrical elements with energy-efficient ones.

6. It Has Bad Lighting

A poorly lit bathroom is depressing to be in and makes getting ready more difficult. It also makes your bathroom look outdated. Take note of modern building trends that focus on adding multiple layers of light to a space.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to fix the lighting because you already have the walls open. This makes adding wiring and light fixtures and their controls easier.

Try to have the three types of light, ambient, task, and accent. Ambient will be a general bright light that illuminates the entire space. Task lighting is focused on a specific area, such as the shower or vanity.

Accent lighting is the decorative lighting that you turn on for ambiance. For example, you could add LED strip lights on the kick plate of the counters. Or you could put them in the shower, behind the vanity mirror, or along the crown molding to illuminate the ceiling.

7. It Lacks Storage

You have a beautiful bathroom, but there is no storage. So you are stuck keeping towels and other bathroom essentials in the closet down the hall. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also cuts into the available storage meant for other home goods.

From storage in the vanity for your toiletries to a closet for towels and extra toilet paper, a renovation project is a perfect time to add more storage. If you have the space, add different types of storage to give you more flexibility and functionality.

Shelving works well around the vanity to make small items readily accessible. A closet or built-in works well for holding large items that you may not need to access every day.

8. Your Needs Have Changed

Your bathroom may have worked fine when you bought your house, but now your family has different needs. For example, maybe a small master bathroom was fine for a single person but is too small for a couple. Or a guest half-bath would be more useful as a full bath for a family with multiple children.

Your home doesn’t have to be static. Remodeling the bathroom allows your home to grow and change with your family.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel Project

If you see one or more of these signs in your bathroom, it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel project. Start by pinpointing the problem with your current bathroom and creating a budget. Then you can work with a contractor to make your new bathroom dream a reality.

Request an appointment, and our skilled team will come to your home to create a plan for your bathroom remodel.

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