When you turn on the bathroom light, what do you see? If it’s outdated décor, fading paint on the walls, and harsh lighting, it’s likely time to consider remodeling your bathroom.

Before selecting paint colors or ordering new fixtures, ensure you understand what a bathroom remodel entails.

In this article, we’re talking about seven key factors you should consider before you begin your remodeling project. Don’t miss out on these essential things about updating your bathroom.

1. How Much Will a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Before you do too much research on the latest bathroom flooring and trending paint colors, you’ll need to set a budget. Despite what you may hear about cost-effective bathroom remodeling projects from online influencers, those $200 bathroom upgrades aren’t realistic.

Setting your bathroom remodeling budget helps move your project to the planning stage. You’ll decide whether to do a basic, low-grade reno or a top-of-the-line, floor-to-ceiling remodel.

Two items on the project checklist will likely use most of your budget. Fixtures and plumbing usually cost more than any other project component, but how much more depends on the quality of the materials. Counters and surfaces soak up the next most significant part of the budget.


If you’re wondering if the remodel will be worth it, homeowners in the State of Washington sure think so. In 2022, Washington homeowners enjoyed an average ROI of 76%, ranking the state the fifth highest in the nation.

2. Make Sure You Love That Freestanding Tub

One thing most people enjoy about bathroom remodeling is the freedom to express their personalities and design styles. It’s like working with a blank canvas.

It’s often tempting to get too wrapped up in the trends. Sometimes, that leads to regretful purchases.

For example, freestanding bathtubs are growing in popularity and look great in traditional, contemporary, and most other styles of bathrooms. People love the elegant drama created by these tubs.

These tubs bring a particular elegant drama that can create. People love not only modern freestanding tubs but also vintage clawfoot tubs.

Petite people may have difficulty getting in and out of a freestanding tub. They’re also a bit more challenging to clean. Without the insulating tub enclosure that you have for standard tubs, a long, hot soak may not be as enjoyable.

Before installing this or any bathroom fixture—or making any semi-or permanent changes—make sure you’ll love it for the long haul.

3. What Will You Do About Storage?

Unfortunately, many people miss a critical element of bathroom upgrades—storage.

You know how it feels to walk into a bathroom with cluttered counters and cabinets that spill their contents on the floor every time you open a door. Nevertheless, for a lot of remodelers, storage is an afterthought.

Include storage opportunities in your formal room design. You want to integrate storage rather than making it look like an add-on.

4. Remodeling Options for Small Bathrooms

If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you’ll have some unique options to help maximize your space. The freestanding tub or massive walk-in shower may not work, but by wisely selecting your fixtures, you can make the new bathroom look larger than life.

Ask your remodeling contractor about alternatives to standard versions of tubs and vanities. Most people don’t realize you can install a petite toilet to save space.

5. Use Good Design Techniques

Are you the type who loves flipping through articles on bathroom remodeling ideas? It’s fun, but it can also complicate the design phase of your project.

Browsing through bathroom ideas means you’ll likely find bits and pieces of several designs that you want to include in your remodel. Unless you want more of an eclectic look, it’s best to have a seamless design that also blends well with the whole home.

Your bathroom designer is your best resource! They bring their clients’ ideas and their designer expertise together to manage the design and build components of your remodeling project.

This process will go more smoothly if you work with a qualified general remodeling contractor. The final design will look stunning and cohesive.

6. Prioritize Plumbing

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget the one thing that makes everything in the room operate smoothly—water.

If you’re sure the existing plumbing is adequate, you can move on to choosing faucets and a showerhead, if applicable. Enjoy selecting new fixtures, including toilets and vanities.

Aging plumbing may need replacing. A plumber can help determine the condition of your pipes.

Another factor to consider with plumbing is whether or not you’ll need to move it. Anytime you alter the floor plan of a room, you add to the project cost and the time it takes to complete the remodel.

Moving plumbing lines may be inevitable to accommodate your design. It’s nearly guaranteed if you increase the square footage in an existing bathroom.

Your remodeling contractor can advise on how you should manage plumbing changes. They also share remodeling ideas to help you optimize existing plumbing.

7. All Things Electrical

Plumbing isn’t the only priority. An adequate electrical setup is also critical. You may need to upgrade wiring, outlets, and switches.

For example, at the minimum, you need the wiring and capacity—a 20-amp circuit— for one light and an exhaust fan. Most building codes require one ceiling-mounted light fixture you can turn on with a wall switch.

Don’t forget the GFCI-protected outlet! Any room where you use water needs one. All outlets should be grounded.

Including plenty of outlets and switches is vital when planning your bathroom design. For safety, you must install all switches and outlets outside the tub and shower area.

How you determine the electrical setup for a new bathroom is generally regulated by electrical requirements and building codes. Unless you’re a licensed electrician, it’s best to work with your remodeling contractor to ensure compliance.

Higgason Homes Works With All Types of Remodeling

We’ve shared seven factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. The list isn’t comprehensive—we didn’t talk about colors, flooring, or tiles—but it’s an excellent place to start.

The experts at Higgason Homes will gladly work with you to create a functional but relaxing new bathroom. If you’re looking to upgrade to a luxury bathroom, we can do that too.

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