It is not cheap to redesign a bathroom. According to an online remodeling magazine, the average cost to perform a midrange bathroom renovation that includes replacing the vanity, toilet, fixtures, and tiles is about $20, 420.

If you intend on getting a high-end renovation, like installing new heated floors or moving in furniture, you may need to spend close to $65,000. Remodeling your bathroom can breathe fresh life into your home.

While the task itself seems to be more than challenging, it is the price tag that dissuades people from wanting to remodel. However, did you know that there is a way to redesign your bathroom space while keeping the costs low?

Here are some of the tips offered by building professionals and interior designers on remodeling bathrooms on a budget.

1. Identifying your Budget

Before starting on any redesigning venture, you need to consider the amount you are willing to spend, especially if your budget is tight. The best way to do so is by first understanding why you need to perform the renovation.

Are you looking to improve the appearance of the bathroom? Do you plan to increase your home value and place it in the market? By first understanding the reason, you will then know what kind of changes you need to put in place.

2. Reducing the Amount of Tile Usage

If you plan on sticking to a budget, you need to identify areas that you can reduce costs. A good example is in the use of tiles. Tiles can be quite expensive.

Added to that is the labor that is used in its setting. One way you can offset this cost is by using the tiles only in the shower. You can lay a simple pattern up to the ceiling and substitute the border tile with a polished aluminum trim to get rid of the unglazed tile edges.

3. Be on the Lookout for Leftovers

One mistake many people make is overspending on certain materials. By doing so, they end up with extra materials that become useless after finishing the project.

You don’t need an entire slab of granite when you only need a small piece to cover the top of your bathroom vanity.

You can search for stores in your local neighborhood where you can get remnants. It is the same when you want to buy tiles. Instead of purchasing several boxes which you will not use, it is best to identify stores that you can get overstocked or discontinued lines.

Most of these stores will be happy to offload the products at a good discount, allowing you to save some money. You can as well look up different online platforms such as Craigslist, where you can find contractors selling various products at prices lower than their market price.

4. Getting Rid of the Medicine Cabinet

One of the best ways to improve the look of your bathroom is by creating an illusion of a bigger space. The best way to do that is by getting rid of the medicine cabinet, if you have one, and replacing it with a mirror.

This adds style to your bathroom and helps you embrace a wide array of price options. You can choose any mirror depending on the size of the room. The mirror makes your space look bigger and more attractive.

5. Acquiring Items from the Flea Market

If you want to save on costs, one of the best places you can get to buy cheap items is a flea market. Here, you are confident of getting unique and exceptional pieces that may be appealing to the new style you want for your bathroom.

However, it is imperative to always measure your pieces’ height, width, and depth before buying.

6. Taking Into Account the Labor Cost

When it comes to cutting down costs, many people only consider acquiring materials at a low price. They fail to remember that labor costs can be as much as 40 percent of the total budget.

One way you can reduce labor costs during bathroom remodeling is by maintaining the same bathroom layout. It helps you to eliminate the need for plumbing changes.

You can also get products that need low installation labor.

7. Not Purchasing Builder Grade Fixtures

Builder grade or contractor grade fixtures refer to basic fixtures you can easily get in the market. These are cheap parts of less durable material that can scratch and wear out.

Sometimes, it is better to invest your money in getting high-grade fixtures that have a high initial cost and low maintenance cost, instead of a low initial price and a high maintenance cost. They may not contain the words builder grade, but a salesperson can easily let you know when they make a comparison.

Additionally, you can tell the difference as the higher end of the fixtures feel more solid and heavy.

Why Simplicity is Key to Remodeling Bathrooms on a Budget

The most effective way to maintain your cost low is by keeping everything simple. When dealing with the bathroom finishes, for example, you can go for a standard polished chrome instead of other expensive options.

If you want to use an expensive material such as marble, instead of using it to cover your entire bathroom, you should consider using it as an accent. Even though the central ideology behind remodeling bathrooms on a budget revolve around the costs, be careful not to compromise the style.

You want to have your bathroom looking good, and not filled with a bunch of easy to find and cheap items. Therefore, you need to do some research to help you know what you need to get that is not expensive, but plays a part in bringing out the big picture.

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