It’s a waste to pay for a new kitchen island or other remodel only to have the kitchen cabinets drag the room down.

After all, you’ve got the kitchen island of your dreams. The cabinets shouldn’t take away from that.

Updating old kitchen cabinets doesn’t need a full tear down either. It can be simple things that elevate a space and make you see your old cabinets in a new light.

Here are some great ideas on how to update old kitchen cabinets.

Be Done With Drawers

If you’ve got a cabinet full of pieces you’d love to show off, consider taking the doors off their hinges. It’s a daring, modern look that can make old cabinets look new without costing much money.

Block off the Top

If you have an empty space between your cabinets and the wall, filling it in can make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks. You can fill it in by getting a wooden panel that matches your cabinets and installing it in the space. You can also get custom cabinets made to fit if you want more storage.

Add Corbel

Corbels make a big impact for such a small detail. They’re a great way to add a bit of homey charm to any kitchen. They’re great is if you’ve been wondering how to update old kitchen cabinets without much time or money.

Install a Plate Rack

Wondering how to replace kitchen cabinets without taking everything out? Adding a plate rack can add a lot of charm to a kitchen and is a great looking way to store a lot of pretty plates. This little custom feature can do a lot to make it feel like your old cabinets reflect your needs.

You could also add a wine rack instead if you’ve got a collection of vintages and not of china.

Add Feet

An easy way to make old cabinets look new is to add decorative legs to the bottom of cabinets. It can make your old cabinets seem like a stand-alone piece. Add sleek black legs for a modern kitchen, sweet wooden legs for a vintage feel, or even metal industrial legs for some loft vibes.

Get Under Cabinet lighting

When thinking about kitchen remodel ideas, Lighting is one of the most important things to consider. Adding lighting to under your cabinets can be a great way to add mood lighting to your space.
Consider adding a few strip lights for a soft glow or adding a few spotlights light up your recipe and cutting board.

Fake Crown Molding

There’s no need to pay for expensive real crown molding. There’s a ton of ways to fake this look. I love the simple elegance Home Sweet Fixer achieved via her DIY. This can pull the whole kitchen together.

How To Update Old Kitchen Cabinets Easily

These are just a few ideas on how to update old kitchen cabinets. I hope this gives you a great place to start the kitchen remodel of your dreams. If you want someone to help pull your whole kitchen together please reach out. We’re always excited to help someone make the kitchen of their dreams.

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