Are you upgrading your kitchen? If so, you’ll want to look at a variety of options as you plan your remodel. As part of that process, make sure to consider how windows can enhance your space.

Interested in finding some creative solutions? Keep reading to learn about ways kitchen windows can elevate your next remodel!

Try Bay Windows

One of the most popular ways to introduce windows into a kitchen space is through bay windows. Bay windows are larger windows made up of a bigger central section flanked by two smaller windows. They are perfect for creating the illusion of a larger space — and they let in tons of light!

These windows can be flat or project out from your wall, as with box or angled bays. You can add a window seat, too, for a cozy reading nook, or situate the window by your kitchen table for some instant dining ambiance.

Place Your Window Between Cabinets

The last thing you want is for your kitchen to seem like a stuffy wall of cabinets. A space that feels heavy and crowded is not one where you’ll want to prepare meals. That’s where a window can do wonders to lighten the space.

Consider placing a window between sections of cabinets, or better yet, above your sink. Washing dishes will be a much more tolerable chore!

Clean and modern kitchen windows will offer a welcome break from cabinetry and big appliances. You can even use your backsplash or a connective shelf as a way to unite the areas on either side of your window.

Take Advantage of the Best Views

Make sure that your kitchen remodel takes advantage of the beauty on the other side of your walls. If you have lush landscaping or a vibrant garden, think of your windows like the frame for a picture.

Work with your contractor to ensure that you build around these beautiful views. You also can use a new window as an excuse to do some landscaping in the backyard — or add a new patio or deck!

Don’t Forget the Window Treatments

And don’t overlook the impact of window treatments. Curtains or blinds can provide privacy and soften the appearance of your windows. Look into different types of window treatments, such as pleated curtains, wooden blinds, or shutters, that will complement your window’s style.

Know what your color palette will be, too. You can use curtains as a softer, muted transition between the surrounding interior space and your windows, or you can opt for a bolder pop of color and pattern that stands out against a neutral space.

Start Planning

Kitchen windows are a critical component of any remodel, so take the time to plan for where they will be and how they will look. Understand how outdoor light will affect your space, and find ways to take advantage of it.

When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, contact us and our team will be ready to help you find creative and quality solutions!

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