Is your home a little cramped? Before you decide to list it for sale consider renovating. A home addition is a great way to expand a small home into a comfortably large one.

The average American moves over 11 times in their life. And needing more space for a growing family is a major reason many homeowners choose to sell.

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Adding a room addition will save you the headache of packing and relocating.

Homes have memories and emotional attachments. Instead of abandoning all the years of happy moments add to them with a home addition.

Keep reading for our top 7 favorite ideas for home additions.

1. Add a Second Floor

Transform your squat bungalow into a spacious colonial with a second story addition. Second-floor additions are incredibly popular and completely transform your home.

Adding a second floor is ideal for homeowners looking to maximize their square-footage without encroaching on their lawns.

Second-floor additions can be pricey. On average they cost between $70 and $300 a square foot. The cost will be dependent on your design and contractor.

Second-floor additions are complex and time-consuming. But, the results are absolutely worth it!

2. Convert Your Garage

The average American home has over 300,000 items. Kick the clutter and convert your garage into a meaningful living space.

The average garage is overflowing with unnecessary junk. Converting your garage into a livable space will add valuable square footage to your home.

You can use it as a family room or a home gym. You can even create a home theater! The possibilities are endless.

Converting your garage costs anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 dollars. But it will add great value to your home that will grow in the coming years.

3. Finish Your Basement

Don’t waste space — finish your basement and add a considerable amount of room to your house! The average basement renovation costs between $10 and $35 a square foot. And most homeowners spend around $20,000 to complete the renovation.

Finishing your basement is a surefire way to expand your square footage. And this addition adds considerable equity to your home.

The possibilities for a finished basement are endless! You can add several bedrooms and a bathroom. Or you can create a stunning family room and a guest room.

Some people even transform their basements into fully-functioning apartments they can rent out for extra income.

4. Add a Sunroom

Who doesn’t love enjoying a cool breeze or a beautiful sunny day? Enjoy nature comfortably from a brand new sunroom. Sunrooms are wonderful additions to your home. They provide additional space for entertaining.

And they allow you to enjoy the splendor of your yard from the comfort of your house. If you live in a cool climate invest in insulated glass so you can use the room year-round. But, if you live in a warmer climate you can save money by opting for less insulated glass.

Sunrooms make wonderful workout spaces or playrooms. They can also be an additional guest room.

Sunrooms are fairly easy and inexpensive to build. You can even buy a pre-fabricated kit and do some of the work yourself!

5. Transform Your Attic

If you’re looking for extra space in your home, look up! Your attic is full of underutilized square footage. Renovate your attic and make the most of your space.

An attic renovation can be easier and less expensive than a home addition. But, not every attic is ideal as an addition.

First, you need to take a peek at your attic’s support beams. If your attic has W shaped supports it may not make a great addition. But if your attic has A shaped rafters it is a candidate for renovation.

You need to evaluate the structural integrity and design of your attic. How is it built? Is the ceiling high enough? What about the staircase to your space?

There are a lot of factors to consider before you decide to renovate your attic. A professional contractor can help you decide how to make the most of your attic’s space.

6. House Bump Out

If you’re looking for just a little extra space, consider a house bump out. A bump-out is when you add extra square footage to an already existing room.

House bump outs are cheaper than entire room renovations. And they usually take less time to complete. Another major benefit is you don’t need another HVAC system.

Bump outs can be as small as four feet or as large as sixteen. It’s really up to your personal needs and preferences.

A kitchen is a great place for a bump out. A small galley kitchen into a spacious gourmet cooking space. Or you can expand your living room to accommodate a larger sofa.

7. Build a Tiny House

Tiny homes have sky-rocketed in popularity as alternatives to oversized American homes. But tiny homes aren’t just for minimalist living. Building a tiny home on your property is a clever way to increase your living space.

Your tiny house addition can be a simple one-room or a spacious living space complete with a kitchen and bathroom. It all depends on your budget and personal needs.

Your backyard tiny home can be a quaint guesthouse or mother-in-law suite. Or you can use it as a private home office removed from the bustle of daily domestic life.

Tiny homes are relatively inexpensive to make. And many people are able to do it themselves. You can buy building kits online or hire a contractor to design a unique one for you.

Get Started On Your Home Addition

Building a home addition revamps your space and adds tons of value to your property. Adding space to your house doesn’t need to be expensive. There are addition options for almost every budget.

Before you start calling contractors you should decide on your budget. And prioritize your renovation wishlist. You may have to make some compromises along the way.

Building an addition is a process — make it easier by hiring professionals. Contact us to get started on your free consultation today!

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