Each year, US homeowners spend more than $400 billion on home renovations and repairs. Most of these renovations are aimed at making the home more comfortable. This is especially true because people are spending more time at home, especially with COVID-19 still a threat across the world.

There are lots of popular home upgrades that can make your home cozier and more attractive. But one home remodel idea that doesn’t get the hype it deserves is a home addition. A home addition usually involves building into your existing house, such as adding a sunroom or master suite.

A home addition is one of the bigger, pricier home construction projects you can embark on. However, the benefits far outweigh the initial costs involved. In today’s blog, we look at seven top reasons why it pays to invest in a home addition.

Let’s dive right in.

It’s the Ideal Way to Create Specialized Space

Many homeowners who build home additions are looking for a specialized room for a certain purpose. For instance, you may be looking for a home office that provides the ideal conditions for you to conduct your business. Instead of converting a portion of your bedroom or living room for this purpose, you can opt for a home addition to serve this purpose.

You can also build a home addition to serve as a dedicated music room, given the special modifications that these spaces require. For instance, this room will require soundproofing and extra insulation, which may not be practical in other rooms in your home.

Sunrooms are also popular home addition ideas. These spaces require large windows to allow occupants to bask in the sunlight. These specialized spaces are also excellent for reading during the day as they allow plenty of natural light to enter.

You Get Extra Room for Accommodating Family and Guests

As your family expands and your children grow, it may be necessary to have extra bedrooms to accommodate them. It may also be that a relative has started living with you, or that you frequently host guests. A home addition is a perfect solution to help provide the additional space you need to handle these needs.

You Get Increased Storage

It’s hardly possible to have too much storage at home. Many homeowners actually run out of space and are forced to rent storage units for their stuff. The expenses can add up over time.

An easy way to provide a permanent home for your valuables is to build a home addition. You get to avoid cluttering your house without necessarily having to dispose of items you love.

If you’re using your home addition exclusively for storage, you can keep things organized by adding shelving and custom cabinetry to the room.

It’s a Superb Way to Earn Extra Income

You don’t need to buy a second property to be a landlord. If you have enough space in your current property, you can turn it into a money-maker by investing in just the right-sized home addition.

Add a room or two to your family home, and throw in a kitchenette and a bathroom. Make sure that there’s a separate entrance in this new living space so you don’t share the front door with your tenant. Craft a lease and market the new living space, and you’ll be collecting rent in no time.

It’s the Perfect Moving Alternative

It’s likely that, at some point, you’ll feel that you’ve outgrown your current house. The natural next step is to put the house on the market and look for a bigger one. But there may be a better alternative.

If the reason you’re considering moving is that your current home doesn’t have as much space as your family needs, why not consider a home addition? Most kinds of home additions will lead to more space for you and your family. For instance, adding a second floor to your existing home may provide all the space your family will ever need, negating the need to move.

You Get to Modify Your Current Space

In some cases, home additions don’t necessarily mean that you’re building a new extra room. You could simply be making a modification to help increase your home’s functionality.

For instance, you may opt to close in an open front porch with screen windows to convert the space into a room. It could also be that you have a basement or attic that you aren’t utilizing to its full potential. These places can be transformed into usable living spots.

You Get to Add Your Home’s Value

Any addition to your home can positively enhance your home value. This is especially the case if the home addition is something that most families would use, such as a bedroom or home office. Of course, you can always do a bit of research to find out the best home additions for boosting home value.

But the impact of home additions isn’t only tied to selling. Home additions can significantly enhance your home’s equity, which is beneficial if you’re interested in taking out a line of credit.

Investing in a Home Addition Is a Smart Move

A home addition is an excellent way to transform your home. This home upgrade allows you to expand your home’s floor space or make the most of your existing family home. In the end, a home addition gives you and your family the space and amenities needed for more comfort and functionality.

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