Want to ensure you get your money’s worth? Here are five things homeowners should expect from custom remodeling.

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Giving your home a face lift with custom remodeling is an exciting experience, but there can be bumps in the road.

When you’ve picked your project, done your research and chosen a contractor, you’re well on your way to getting the end result you’ve always dreamed of.

Getting your home remodeled isn’t cheap, though, so how can you ensure you get your money’s worth?

Here are five things homeowners should expect from custom remodeling.

1. A Detailed Timeline

Before you sign an agreement with your chosen contractor, you need to make sure they’ve got a detailed timeline to show you.

The timeline has to show every stage of the custom remodeling process, including planning and wait times.

Your contractor should do a full inspection of the room to be remodeled, and plan accordingly. Some rooms — a kitchen or bathroom, for example — will need more work than others.

Kitchens and bathrooms require plumbing, and because of having water present in those rooms, it can throw up certain problems.

A good contractor will assess the room and dig a little deeper, to check there haven’t been previous leaks that compromise its structure. Rotting or decaying wood and plaster, due to water damage, will cause delays and cost more.

2. A Plan for Reduced Disruption

The noise and dust thrown up during a custom remodeling project can be difficult to bear.

To avoid the nightmare of constant dust covering your rooms that aren’t being made over, ask your contractor how they’ll be sure to minimize dust and debris.

Some options are dust-extracting power tools, which will vacuum up most of the dust they’re creating at the time. These tools can be expensive, though, and contractors who use them often charge more.

Dust sheets and barriers are another way to keep dust out of the rest of the house. Some of these dust sheets have an entry-point, but this means dust will escape each time the builders enter and exit the room.

A better option, wherever possible, is to seal off the room and use an external entrance, instead. This is ideal for kitchens, though bathrooms often don’t have this option.

Another way would be to seal off a small portion of the home to be used as a walkway during the remodeling period. Your contractor should figure this out beforehand so you can rearrange your home ahead of time.

3. Long-Lasting Quality

Sure you want your custom remodeling project to look great, but you don’t want it to start coming apart prematurely.

Choose the highest-quality materials you can afford, and get them for the best price. Sometimes, quality overstock items can be found on auction sites like eBay, so do your research beforehand if you’re on a budget.

Many homeowners are inexperienced with picking the best materials for the purpose though. That’s where your contractor’s input is invaluable – it’s their job, after all!

To get the best, long-lasting result from your custom remodeling, work with your contractor to find and source the best materials. They’ll have contacts within the building trade, so may be able to get just what you need at a better price.

If you’re unsure about which kitchen counter top material to use, for example, work through the pros and cons of each with your contractor. Make sure they’re clear on the end result you’re looking for, so they can advise you best on what to choose.

4. Unexpected Hiccups

It’s a rare, rare thing for a custom remodeling project to go forward without a single hitch.

Even after your contractor has inspected the rooms, and worked out what additional work needs to be done, houses tend to kick up problems in the places you’d least expect.

Old asbestos walls, crumbling joists, and faulty wiring can all be found lurking beneath the surface of your home. To prepare for this, always expect the unexpected, and budget accordingly.

Your contractor will likely add a contingency to the timescale, to plan for possible setbacks. To make sure it doesn’t end up costing more than you can afford though, build a contingency into your custom remodeling budget.

Ask your contractor how much they’d recommend you put aside. They’ll be able to advise you according to the age of your home, the size of your room, and which other rooms in your house may also be affected.

To get the best value for money from your remodeling contractor, tap into their expertise and knowledge beforehand, so you’re not out of pocket afterward.

5. A High-End Finish

While the preparatory and installation work takes knowledge and expertise, getting that perfect finish at the end of your project takes the same professional skill.

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, plan every detail to the letter with your contractor beforehand.

Check how they’ll protect your brand new surfaces while they add those finishing touches.

When you have fixtures and fittings delivered to site, make sure someone carefully checks them over right away. You don’t want any faulty, scratched or damaged socket fascias, lampshades or cabinet handles, for example.

If these are checked as soon as they come in, you’ll save time and money if they’re replaced right away, before they’re needed.

Perfect paint lines, wallpaper hanging, and tiling all add to the final finish of your room. You’ll have already seen your contractor’s portfolio, so make sure you’re getting the most experienced members of the team for those final jobs.

The Takeaway from Custom Remodeling

Your room will be transformed by a custom remodel, and that’ll affect the look of your entire home.

To make the most of the money you spend on a team of contractors, you’ll need to be sure you’re all clear on what needs to be done.

Go through the project with your contractor beforehand. Draw on their skills and experience when choosing and purchasing your materials. Know your exact timeline, and mention any concerns at the very start of the process.

Follow our tips above, and you’ll know just what to expect when you start your next custom remodeling project.

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