In Washington, we spend a great deal of time, attention, and money perfecting the interiors of our homes. However, no matter how incredible the inside of our houses, we will not get the most from our properties unless we give some love to the outside as well. Luckily, this is a topic you can read all about below. Read on to find out how to make your outdoor space spectacular.  

She sheds

OK, so this section won’t just be about She Sheds! In fact, having an outbuilding or outside shelter is something that can be used by all types of people for many different purposes. She shed’s are the long-awaited answer to the Man Cave.  Oft more chic than shabby and more likely to be zen than musk haven, She Sheds has garnered much attention lately in the home remodeling circles and in social media sites like Pinterest. After a lifetime of selling seashells by the seashore, Sally built a She Shed. Hard-working Sally deserves to have a space to call their own and may need a helping hand to remodel such a custom space. 

As with man-caves, She Sheds dont have to match the theme or decor of the rest of the home. You can’t tell her what to put in the She Shed, she will decide. These unique spaces can accommodate a hobby or provide an escape. They can be a space for creativity or room for medication and relaxation.  They can be venerable lady lair or a place where friends can gather and gather with the girl gang. She Sheds, or lady lairs, are rather a new territory and Higgason Construction would love to make these come to light. 

There are other types of sheds for which She Sheds should not be confused, in particular, there is the summer house or gazebo that provides a shaded, comfortable area for the whole family to enjoy, even in the height of summer.

Then you have actual sheds that can be used to store gardening equipment and tools. Something that means they don’t end up strewn across your lawn looking unsightly and creating a dangerous hazard. 

Decking and patios 

Another option for those looking to create a spectacular outdoor space is to install a deck or patio. The difference between the two is that a deck is usually a raised platform made from wood, while a patio is often made from brick or stone. 

In fact, it can be beneficial to include such a space in your home remodel plans. The reason being that it provides a flat area on which to place seatings, tables, and other amenities. Therefore you and your family can be comfortable while spending time outside. Of course, the more comfortable and enjoyable your outdoor experience is, the more time you are likely to spend outside too. Something that means investing in things like decking and patios can actually help boost your quality of living. 

Outdoor kitchens

Not everyone has an outdoor kitchen. In fact, these facilities are often associated with the rich and famous living in places like LA, where they can pop out and grill at any time because the weather is so good.

However, if you are looking for a spectacular addition to your outdoor space, then an outdoor kitchen is perfect. After all, it means you can host fantastic dinner parties for friends, or even just have some quality time outside with the family at the end of every day. 

Of course, building such an area that not only looks great but is hygienic and safe too can be a bit of a challenge. Although you will find that many professional construction companies have experience in this area and will be happy to help you with the task. 

Planting and greenery 

It’s not just the structures in your garden that are important, though. In fact, you also need to consider the planting and greenery if you want to create a spectacular effect. 

There are two ways of going about this. The first is getting into gardening in a very intense way and learning about what flowers to plant in which season to ensure you have a stunning visual display all your round. 

However, if you would rather be spending their time outside enjoying it with friends and family, instead of digging holes in the dirt, there is another way. Of course, it is to choose plants and trees that look great but are low maintenance, such as evergreens, cacti, and even succulents. In fact, if you combine these types of plants with modern garden design and raised beds, you can create an impressive aesthetic in your outdoor space all your runs with very little work at all. 

Water and pools 

There is something about water in the garden that we find so relaxing. A quality that means that adding a pool, pond, or water feature is another smart way to make your garden more impressive. In fact, many folks choose to place decks around their water features because it allows them an additional area for seating and relaxing. 

You don’t even need to have a pool or pond dug out to benefit from a water feature in your garden, either. The reason being that there are now solar models on the market that contain everything needed to reuse the water that you add to them. Something that means they can be placed just about anywhere and so help you to create the most spectacular outside space possible. 

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