A home remodel can add two different types of value to your property. Perhaps, obvious is the monetary value that is added. That is, by changing and adding things in a quality manner, you can get a higher asking price when you go to sell. The second and less obvious value-added by a remodeled home is the worth you can add to you and your family’s lives. In fact, you can very effectively enhance your family’s quality of life by changing the environment they live in to suit their needs better. Of course, how to increase both types of value will be covered in the article below.

Adding space 

The first way to add value to your home is by adding additional space. In fact, houses are often priced depending on not just their location, but their square footage as well. Something that means adding space can help you earn more when you do decide to sell. 

Of course, more space isn’t just a good thing for profit. In fact, it can have a significant effect on your family’s lives as well. After all, more space means that the kids can have their own bedroom instead of sharing or that you have room for house guests without you have to give up your room and bed. More space can even mean you have the opportunity for an office or art studio away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.  A facility that, as an introvert, will know can improve their quality of life no end! 

However, once you have decided to add additional square footage to your home, you will need to carefully consider how this will happen. After all, you’ll want an extension to fit in with the surrounding aesthetics, as well as be safely built too. 

You will also need to factor in the time it takes to get planning permission for any building additions. Then there is the time and the potential disruption the build can cause to factor in as well. Although, by using construction professionals rather than trying to DIY, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and headache when it comes to this stage. 

Improving functionality 

Another remodel option to consider is improving the functionality of the spaces you already have. In fact, there is a range of ways that this can be done that will both enhance the lives of those that currently live in the dwelling, and that will add monetary value when it comes to selling it too. 

Spaces, in particular, to focus on here include the bathroom, and kitchen, because these are rooms that get a great deal of daily use, and are designed with specific functions in mind.

In fact, when it comes to the bathroom, changing the layout of the fittings and fixtures can be the smartest way to go. The reason being that by taking out bathtubs and install wet rooms with showers, you can create a much larger sense of space. Something that can make the room both more useful and more aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Of course, when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, things can get a little complication with so many possibilities to consider. In fact, it’s not just about deciding where your white goods would be best placed, but also choosing whether to include custom features as well. With things like kitchen islands, wine refrigerators, and hideable power points being particularly popular at the moment.  

However, if you consider the way you use or wish to use your kitchen space to start with, you will be able to come up with a suitable design. 

Expanding life outdoors 

When it comes to putting your property on the market, many folks find that an unruly and unusable garden can put off otherwise interested buyers. Of course, an overgrown jungle where the yard should be isn’t the best place to relax or let the kids play either. 

To that end, when remodeling your home, it’s vital to create a pleasant outdoor environment too. One that will do the rest of your home credit, and will encourage an improvement in the quality of life of your family by allowing more time out of doors. 

Of course, the most critical aspect of such an outdoor space is somewhere to sit, eat, congregate, and relax. Something that makes installing a patio or decks a smart move. 

Although, you absolutely do not have to stop there! In fact, if you want to really open up your garden area and make it into more of an additional room in your home, why not add an outdoor kitchen as well? Then you and your family can spend plenty of time in the fresh, outdoor air. With the added peace of mind that no potential buyers will be put off by an outside space that doesn’t measure up to the quality of the rest of your home.

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