Did you know that people spend more than $105 billion every single year on the remodeling industry in the United States alone? The country has more than 500,000 different remodeling businesses. More than 815,000 people work in this market to provide for our remodeling needs.

These numbers are a strong indicator of how much people value living with and cooking in a beautiful kitchen.

However, many people end up making certain common kitchen remodeling mistakes. The good news is that these mistakes are also preventable. But what are some of the most common kitchen remodeling errors and what can you do to avoid making them?

Read on to learn all about how to avoid these remodeling mistakes!

1. Ignoring the Third Dimension

Some people have a tendency to look at the drawn plan of their kitchen while making decisions about it. As powerful as a drawn plan can be, it is important to remember that it only depicts your kitchen in two dimensions.

If you are not careful, the lack of focus on the third dimension could leave you with a cluttered or inelegant kitchen. You might end up without space where you need it, which might also force you to place kitchen appliances somewhere other than where you planned.

If possible, it is easy to solve this problem by using a 3D model of your kitchen. These days, many remodeling companies use three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional representations of kitchen remodeling plans.

Three-dimensional kitchen models are much easier for laypeople to understand. If your remodeling company cannot provide you with a three-dimensional representation of your future kitchen, then you might want to simulate it on your own.

You can use your two-dimensional plan to walk through your kitchen and place everything where it is supposed to go. As you do this, you might notice that there are certain spacing issues that become obvious in three dimensions. By noticing these problems, you can correct your kitchen remodeling plan before it is too late.

2. Installing Inefficient Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a useful tool, but you can use them in the wrong way. Most of the ways that people make poor use of kitchen islands have to do with neglecting the importance of usable space.

For example, if you have a small kitchen, then adding an island to your kitchen plan is probably a mistake. Kitchen islands are supposed to break up large empty spaces, not create small aisles on every side.

A standard kitchen island will have a surface that is 2 ft long and 2 ft deep. It will stand about 3 ft high. Keep this in mind and consider setting up a representation of your kitchen island in your actual kitchen.

Then, pay attention to whether it makes it stressful or difficult to move quickly around your kitchen.

On the other hand, some people have large enough kitchens but make the mistake of using a huge kitchen island. Remember that the longer your kitchen island is, the longer it will take to walk around it.

Adding a few seconds to your trip every time you move around your kitchen can be annoying. Make sure you don’t sacrifice how easy it is to navigate your kitchen by focusing on an impressive island.

3. Neglecting Kitchen Lighting Ideas

On a two-dimensional plan, you do not get to experience how big of a difference quality lighting makes. This is another reason that people sometimes neglect to attend to lighting until the kitchen remodel is finished and they realize that it is too dim.

Make a point of researching many common kitchen lighting ideas. As you find new ideas, take note of any of them that strike you as good candidates for your kitchen.

4. Setting a Loose Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Your kitchen remodeling project will be less stressful if you make fewer changes. That is only one reason why it is a mistake to set a loose budget for your kitchen remodel.

A loose budget is one that adjusts when something comes up. People start out with a loose budget and then end up paying a little more and a little more until they have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than they intended.

Consider setting a firm budget instead. Your firm budget number might be higher than your loose budget number. It is supposed to represent the actual maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for your kitchen remodel.

Ideally, you will pay less than this. However, if expenses start to add up, it can help to have a number that you will not go beyond.

5. Always Choosing White for New Kitchen Flooring

It has become traditional for kitchens to have white flooring. Many people also use white for remodeling kitchen countertops and for everything else in the kitchen.

However, just because this is traditional does not mean that you need to do it. Play with many different color combinations for your kitchen until you find the one that appeals most to you.

6. Ignoring Appliances Until the End

Some people don’t bother to think about where they will put their appliances in their new kitchen. Make sure that you know where everything in your new kitchen will go before you start remodeling.

That way, you will find out in advance if you need to change your plan so that your appliances fit in the right places.

Avoid the Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Many people end up making the same few kitchen remodeling mistakes as everyone else. Although this may sound bad, it does suggest a potential silver lining. By resolving these most common issues, there is a good chance that your kitchen remodeling will go smoothly.

To learn more about how to manage your kitchen remodeling as well as possible, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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